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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Well I guess I can say it now, spring is here! I do believe the actual first day of spring was like 30 degrees, and we had some snow since then, but the weather has broke! The last few days have been close to 70 degrees, the kids are enjoying the outdoors (and mom) finally! We try to go for a walk each day if it isn't raining. The swingset is really getting a workout! They are on it every day! Daddy just filled up the sandbox so Ella can finally use the new shovel I bought her! She loves that sandbox!
Saturday was the kids' bowling party!! I can't say it went smooth, but they did have a blast! And that is what matters, right? When we got home daddy and I ripped out 5 overgrown shrubs and 3 not so hot looking trees from the backyard. Looks great! We just have 4 stumps left to dig out, wish us luck on that! We have a lot more room in the backyard, and big plans for it! Now to get the $ to go with those plans hehe!

Now I guess Ella doesn't believe me that it is warm out, cause she insisted she had to wear her scarf and hat, she is such a goofball! She went on the whole walk with them! She let me take them off when it was time to play though hehe!! And Jack, I've been trying to capture this smile forever!! And there it is!!!! And this is Cam at age 9, he got his favorite haircut and looked so cute in his new shirt, that I finally got an opportunity for some pictures! Now to talk the teenager into some...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yea! It's spring time! Love the pictures!