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Friday, April 13, 2007

Well it is official, Jack is now 11 months old. In less then a month my baby will be 1, I can not believe it! So here are my 11 month old pics of Jack! And Ella wanted to wear her dress that I totally forgot to bring to Easter, so here is Ella's pretty Easter dress!

Tay is doing great on the pump. The specialist is amazing and is working closely with Tay. We call her everyday for adjustments, so far NO ketones, which is awesome, cause she was having such a rough time with them! Soon it will all be figured out! I'm loving how easy this pump thing is! We went to dinner the other day and I caught myself asking Tay if she had her insulin, log, test kit. Hey we don't need to bring all of that now! Just the test kit, wohoooo!! I guess I need some pics of Tay and her pump for a scrap page now, that is if she will let me hehe!


AmyWhit said...

Look at that face Jack is making! Hilarious! They grow up way too fast, don't they?! He's already losing some of that little baby look, Amy....or maybe it's just this photo (hopefully so!). And your Ella is such the little diva! You gotta love that!

Jenna said...

Love Jack's smirk. So funny! Ella's dress is so pretty. Glad to hear Tay is doing well on the pump. I'm sure it make everything so much easier for all of you!

Anonymous said...

Yea! Love the photos and wonderful news about Tay.

Jessica said...

omg, i love those, i need those.... i want to scrap those *LOL*

so glad to hear that T is doing so well with her pump... such a relief that she doesn't have to lug everything around now. and yes, you definitely need to scrap her! :D