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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Jack is officially 1 year old today! This last year sure flew by fast... My little man is now walking (some of the time), has 6 teeth, loves to wave hi and by, and even says something that sounds like hi and by when he is doing it, loves clapping his hand, loves playing in the dogs water, really digs baths, so much so that he dove head first into the tub when water was already in while I was trying to get the temp just right, loves being outside, and if he isn't he is always looking outside, climbs up, and even turns around to climb down the stairs, and gets into everything!

For Jack's first birthday his Grandpa wanted to take him to his favorite spot, Hooters, oooh boy!

Jack got a kick out of the girls all singing, got his picture taken with a bunch of Hooter girls, and ate a lot (nothing unusual for him). Check out the look on Cam's face, that is the face he made when I asked him if he wanted pictures with the girls, that's a big NO mom hehe!


Jessica said...

hooters for jack's first birthday, how appropriate!! *lmao* big happy birthday wishes from johnny and i!! :D

Anonymous said...

LOL Hooters?! I thought he was on solids?!

Jenna said...

Love those pictures! They crack me up!