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Monday, June 25, 2007

Not feeling so hot...
What a bad month this has been for Jack. I've already posted about the rhotovirus. Well then Ella got a cold and gave it right back to Jack. Only Jack's little cold turned so much worse. I took him to the doc's on friday, just look how miserable he is in these pics! He had a fever of 102.6, eeeek! They got him in early and told me it was just a cold. Well fast forward to saturday lunch time. Jack is crying and fussing, so daddy watched him while I showered. I get out of the shower to find out that his lips, hands and feet turned blue, very blue. So I call the doc they tell me to get to the ER right away, no time for lunch. Of course we get there and he is all happy, telling the nurses "hi" and the nurse in triage says, ooh he looks good now. Yes of course he does, isn't it magic how kids feel better the minute you get to the ER. Well the doc sees him, says he has an ear infection, and that he isn't checking for strep throat, which he could possibly have, because he is going to get antibiotics anyways for the ear infection. He could also have a sinus infection, UGH! And for the breathing problem he is put on steroids. He fell asleep on my chest at the ER, he was so not feeling good, that isn't my Jack. When we got home the advil had worn off and his fever was 103.5. Some more advil and a nap later, he was feeling a little better saturday night, slept most of the day sunday, and continues to improve, wheeewh!


Leslie said...

awww feel better soon little man. ~lesfitz

Jes said...

poor guy :( i hope he's feeling better!!!

Neen and Mike said...

WOW! Amy I have been a BAD blog stalker ad haven't been here for AGES!

YOU BABYS ARE GROWING UP! Look at all that HAIR on jack!

Anonymous said...

Poor baby!