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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My little pumper!!!!

Taylor had her 3 month check up today, which means she has been on the pump around 4 1/2 months, well her A1C is down again! We were high fiving in the office, I was ready to cry! She went from a 10.5 in January, to a 8.4 in April, and now she is at a 7.5!!!! This is awesome news! It means the amount of sugar that is in your blood, which affects how thick it is, thick is BAD! They want your A1C around 7, so she is doing awesome! I'm hoping it is below 7 next time we go in!!! This means her blood sugars average around 150, which isn't too shabby, but they should be closer to 120 or a little lower.


Jes said...

that is awesome news! i'm not sure how it all works, but i'm excited for her the way you explained it *lol*

Anonymous said...

That is awesome news!