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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Well being that it is 7-7-07, and I will never ever get to see that date again, why not a post about it? What did we do on 7-7-07...
Well we weren't up super early, 8:30 the kiddies started getting up, so we ate some breakfast and relaxed a bit. I decided to finally paint the kids' bathroom, unfortunately I need to put on another coat and I sooo don't feel like doing it! Got 2 loads of laundry done, made a card for Amanda's graduation party, dressed the kids for the party, and seeing as to how cute they were, took a few miutes for pictures! Then off to the graduation party, for food, and lots of fun for the kiddies! Ella made a new friend, her and Sydney hung out all day and played so nice togehter in the rocks and dirt!!! 2 sweet little girls in dresses digging in dirt, too funny! Jack was getting sleepy so I left Jamie and Ella there and walked home and got him ready for bed. Now both kids are in bed, my feet are up and I'm relaxing!!! Although Jack is starting to cry upstairs, that stinker!!! I'm sooo not going to get him!

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