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Thursday, August 23, 2007

I just got the test results back a couple days ago.
The MRI was fine, there is a small fatty tumor, no where they would ever be able to operate, but I guess they are normal, never cancerous and it shouldn't be what is going his seizures. I have to bring the MRI from when he was 3 to his next visit to compare the 2.
The EEG was abnormal, of course. There are irregular waves on the right side. They called it some form of Epilepsy, I heard the word and my heart sank. No one has ever called it epilepsy before, just a seizure disorder. He has one that is common to only have them in different REM patterns. So more then likely all of his seizures will be when he is just falling asleep or just waking up. Which is semi good news cause I don't have to worry about him having them in waking hours. He only had one awake, but he was way overtired and overstimulated. We do everything we can to avoid that happening again. So no change in meds, we are going to continue those and follow up in a few months.

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