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Friday, August 17, 2007

Poor Jack. Seriously why does he have to hurt himself SO much? I mean, it if isn't one thing it is another. Yesterday he is simply playing with his truck when he falls down, and Tay brings him to me with a mouth full of blood, screaming his fool head off. I try looking in there to see what he did this time, but it is hard to under all the blood. So he stops screaming, his mouth stops bleeding, I figure it is no big deal. Fast forward an hour later to lunch time, I give him a fry. He starts screaming again, and his tongue is bleeding. Why? Cause he bit it, not a little bite. He bit it SO bad I'm suprised it didn't go through. Probably 3/4 of an inch long, and disgustingly deep. I call the ped to see if the stitch tongues, cause I have no clue. Had it been anywhere else on his body they would have stitched it for sure. It is soooooooo stinkin gross I will not share pics, as I can not stomach taking them.

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