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Friday, May 30, 2008

I finally got all the layouts done for the wall in my scrap/family room! I love how it turned out! One frame is a bit smaller then the rest, so I need to make another and move that one, but it looks good for now!

Here are a bunch of layouts I did for my local scrap store Memory Lane.


Leslie said...

can I just say...wow! I am loving each and every one of these...so inspiring. I know where I'm looking when I need some scrap mojo inspiration.

Teresa Loop said...

Wow! Very cool layouts! What are the ones in the frames? Are they on transparencies?

Love them!

Shayla said...

great Job on the other frames! I love the way they all look!

Andrea S. said...


Would you mind if I use one of these images as an example in an article for Scrapjazz? It's about framing layouts, and these would be a great example. Just let me know! Thanks.