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Friday, May 09, 2008

Jack turned 2 yesterday, hard to believe really. Yes, I say it all the time, that time flies. But this one is hard for me as I know for sure this is my last baby. He amazes me on all that he picks up and how smart he is. And the talking, NON STOP! He is quite the jabber jaws. His favorite thing to do now is say "mom" and when I say "what" he just smiles at me, and then does it all over again! He also now comes to me for no reason and says "i lus you", which of course melts my heart! His vocabulary amazes me. He says full sentences, such as "mommy I farted on you". Yes he uses tenses to!! Another favorite "oh I burped". Funny how he picks up on those thing, such as pointing to something, saying "Ellie's", or "Cam's", so when something is his, he says "mines". His fav toys now are his choo choo train, Cam's old cars and his bucket of dinosaurs, funny how he gravitates toward the boy toys! He also does not like carrying 1 blankie around, but like 5, including Cam's baby blankie, which Cam has sort of graciously given to Jack (he sneaks it back into his bed ever so often).
Jack doesn't eat as much as he used to, he is much to busy! But some of his fav foods still include blueberries, grapes, and watermelon, that boy can't get enough fresh fruit! He would eat that any day over anything with carbs.
And of course I already posted the "I can do it myself" phase is going on. This is a tough one! Although Jack is rough and tough, he still has a sweet side. He still loves sitting on my lap, giving me hugs, and telling me "mommy I want to hold you". Monday he has a well check, so I will update then with his height and weight!

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