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Friday, May 16, 2008

This is in honor of my step brother in law, Matthew Blake. Little did I know just how much he did with his life until I read his obituary. Sad really because I've talked to him quite a few times, but he was all about asking me questions about me and talking about the kids. The man was quite amazing and did so much in his 43 years.
He died of a massive heart attack on Saturday. The preliminary autopsy said he had a heart defect from birth, and that any normal tests he went in for would have never showed a problem. It also showed that even if he had been at the hospital (he felt like he had indigestion and his wife and friends wanted to bring him to the hospital because of how bad it hurt) there would have been nothing they could have done to save his life. This has made his wife and friends feel a little less guilty.
My point here is, live each day of your life to its fullest, that is what Matt did and I'm a better person for knowing him. Make each hug count (he was a great hugger), laugh plenty, love deeply, do what you are passionate about.
Over 500 people showed for his memorial service, he touched so many lives. I missed it due to a stomach bug going around my house. I so wish I could have been there to see that.

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