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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sam is here! Sam is Ella's boyfriend, he keeps asking her if he is her boyfriend and she tells him yes hehe!
Sam is the next door neighbors grandson. He is up for the week while his mom helps her mom get things in order for the Memorial Service. They loved the board I made, and didn't expect it to be so nice! I also left some photo tabs and a trimmer with them so they can put the board together.
Sam moved 2 hours away and is missing Ella terribly! He gave her a big hug when he got here. His mom gave Jack a big hug cause she just loves Jack and a kiss and it grossed Sam out. And he laughed that his mom was hugging Jack. But then a little later, Sam gave me a big hug and told me he missed me. I miss Sam to, even if I'm not ready for Ella to date lol!

I wanted to leave you all with a little something as I'm leaving for the big Texas Scrapfest in just a few hours!!!

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