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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

About Jack's weekend... It was all about him, something he is not used to. There was no arguing for any attention, it was all his, no one taking away his toys, no one yelling at him... He was a different Jack. We went up to Wendy's on Saturday afternoon and went to dinner (ok, so he did NOT do good at dinner, we for sure should have fed him earlier), then went for a nice walk on the water in Alpena. Jack didn't go to sleep till 11 pm! Way past his 8:30 bedtime! Sunday he got to go pet Wendy's horsies! Then he played with Jamie and Keith at the park for hours, and met us at the beach where he got to throw some rocks and check out the sand! I wanted to stay longer at the beach but Jamie wouldn't let us, big meanie!


Anonymous said...

Hey you, I tagged you on my blog, since I know you love doing stuff like that. LOL

And I LOVE the beach pictures! So beautiful!

Amy said...

Love the beach pix!

Cheri Pryor said...

Totally lovin' the first beach pic. Jack is getting soooo big!