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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Do Do Do Do Do Dora!
That is who Jack and Ella got to see at Deer Acres this weekend! I think Jack likes Dora more then Ella does, but they both gave her a big hug and took some cheesy pics with her! They also got to go on the train, safari ride, antique cars, and merry go round! Ella braved the ferris wheel, ok so she was shaking the first 5 times around,, but then got a bit braver and stopped shaking, but she would NOT look down! Then we went to visit Jamie's gramma, and had dinner with Gramma Aggie and Grampa Al. Jack and Ella had a blast playing with Grampa's forklift and digging for potatoes.
And if you thought Saturday was busy, Sunday we went for an 11 mile bike ride and did some shopping! We are all whoooped and the kids were both in bed without arguing by 8!

1 comment:

Cassandra said...

How did Dora walk around with that big ol head?