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Saturday, August 16, 2008

That is what Mark Spitz said about Michael Phelps. Tonight I watched Phelps take his 8th gold in swimming for the 2008 Olympics, for 14 gold medals, and 16 over all medals in the last 2 Olympics.
Me, I'm sitting here in awe. I've watched every race Phelps has won a gold medal in this year, every world record he beat (7 out of 8 finals). My heart races, I'm on the edge of my seat. Being a part of this as an American has been awesome. As the Visa commercial says, there are no adjectives to describe what Phelps has done.
I'm on a natural high tonight, what an absolute amazing week this has been, for me, for Phelps and especially for America!!!
I think this Visa commercial says it perfectly...
One gold medal is amazing...
Two is well incredible...
Three practically unbelivable...
But eight, eight gold medals, that is well, well we are going to need more adjectives for what that is. Congratulations Michael.

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