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Friday, July 10, 2009

Here is a little Cameron background...
Cameron used to be a self proclaimed white meat eater, of course the only white meat he liked years ago was chicken nuggets, but we have changed that. Over the years we have added turkey, fish, pork and other white meats to that mix (with a lot of resistance, whining and gagging from Cam). We won't even get into what a picky eater Cameron is right now, or how nuts he drives me with that. So it used to be that when we would make cheeseburgers for dinner, Cam would have a bun with cheese. Same for hot dogs. Lots of protein there, eh? So when Jamie would grill things like that, I would have him throw on a chicken breast for Cam, and he would eat it, and even enjoy it a bit. Well now, at a BBQ with the other pickiest eater in the world, my nephew Cole, I noticed him sitting and eating a CHEESEBURGER! What is this world coming to? I had to tell Cam what I saw, and told him Cole had a one up on him! He promised me the next time we made burgers on the grill he would "try" one. Apparently the burgers Jamie made weren't too shabby cause Cam ATE THE WHOLE THING! Yes Mr. Picky ate a CHEESEBURGER! Holy smokes!
So here he is, the now all meat eater! I'm sure there will be many more burgers in his future, maybe even a steak?