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Thursday, February 04, 2010

I am an equal opportunity enabler, so when I got my hands on the Silhouette I knew there needed to be holders for that machine as well! So here they are, the Silhouette mini gel pen (from Staples) and mini Sharpie holders! They use the same pens as the Cricut holder, so for those with both machines, no need to buy more pens! There will be samples coming with what you can do with the Silhouette and the pen holders very soon!
The holders are $29.99 for one, or $55 for both holders. This price includes shipping! There is a paypal button in the upper right corner of my blog. There is one button for the Cricut holders and one button for the Silhouette holders, so make sure you choose the right one. All holders are in stock and ready for shipping!
Here is the mini gel pen holder inside the Silhouette...

And here is the mini Sharpie holder for the Silhouette...


steadmanjessica said...

This is so cool! So the same housing for the cricut works for this machine too? So now I can take both machine to my foster memory book classes. We get together every # months and work on memory books for children in care in Utah. How exciting!

Amy Chomas said...

Sorry, the holders are different for the Silhouette then the Cricut, but they do use the same pens.