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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I had to try something new with the Ten Seconds Studio silver metal, the Cricut, Make the Cut and the embossing kit! What if I didn't have the color metal I wanted? Well that is easy to fix, color it, right? I already have Copics here, and knew that you could spray metal with them as it was permanent, so I got the air brush kit from Copic to give it a try. I'm sure there is a learning curve to this, but I played around. I had embossed the Spidey head onto silver metal, cut around it, and sprayed the red on the debossed side of the image. It was tacky to the touch after it was dry, which was quick, so I had let it set awhile before playing with it. I sanded the debossed side with a burnishing tool (you could use Scotch Brite), and the red was easily removed on the raised part. The eyes on Spidey are just puffy paint.
Imagine all of the colors of metal sheets you could have with your Copics!!!


Dana said...


Where did you find the Spiderman head? Oh mercy! I want it!


Jennifer said...

Can you lead me in the direction of the spiderman head. Love it!!