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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Y-E-S spells GRAMMA!
That is according to my daughter Ella, and I have to say I strongly agree! While me and my mom were driving with Ella in the car one day, we would spell words out, and Ella would tell us what they were. We did no, on, off, mom, dad, then I asked Ella what Y-E-S spelled and she said with certainty, "Gramma!" I said, yes pretty much, and my mom agreed! I knew that conversation needed to be documented, hehe!
After I found out what Dana over at Your handwriting, your font was doing with fonts, I decided to send her Ella's handwriting (Ella was very excited to fill out the little boxes with her letters), to turn into a font. I then used Ella's font with Make the Cut, mirrored the image, and embossed it onto Ten Seconds Studio metal sheets with the embossing kit for the Cricut. For this look you put the metal sheet colored side down, then emboss, and burnish the debossed side! How cool is that?
The embossing kits are in stock and shipping!


JeanneLee said...

Adorable, Amy...you rock with this saying on metal!


Tam said...

cool! LOL she knows how it works!

suesueb said...

This is adorable and so, so true!

Scatter said...

That's brilliant getting the little ones handwriting in a font to have forever!! I may have to do that myself!!

SweetSassyDiva said...

really cute!
great meeting you at CHA!