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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Beary Cute card with scoring tutorial for Make-the-Cut

Looking for an easy way to get that folded edge on your cards? Well here goes, it is easier then you ever
The Make-the-Cut file for this Beary Cute 4x6 card is located here... Beary Cute card
I started with the embossing page of the file, which is just a straight line. I used the Chomas Creations embossing tip on max pressure (I did NOT use the embossing mat for this, just the embossing tip, I used a regular Cricut mat) on multi-cut of 2. This left a scored, or embossed edge on my paper.
Without removing the mat from the Cricut, I used the cut page of my file, carefully replacing the embossing tip with the blade.  This cut my card out.

Again, leaving the mat in the machine, I carefully replaced the blade with the Chomas Creations mini gel pen holder and pink glitter mini gel pen and drew the graph design on my card.

Now you can take the mat out of the Cricut!  The scored line is now easy to fold!  I gave it a quick fold, then used my bone folder on the edge of the card to give it that smooth folded edge.

The cute bear was embossed with the Chomas Creations embosing kit.  I had an extra bear embossed from another page I am currently working on, so thought it would look cute on this card!
The title is part of the file if you choose to use it on your card.

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Erin said...

Just a question -- do you always cut BEFORE you draw with the pens? I've noticed that on a few of your tutorials and wondered if there was a reason behind that. I've tended to draw first and then cut, in case the paper shifted at all after it was cut.

Amy Chomas said...

Erin I usually draw before I cut. I'm worried about the gel pen getting stuck on my cuts. This time I realized after the fact that I wanted something extra on the card and put that grid in at the last minute.

Erin said...

Thanks - I was just curious!!