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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Splash with Chomas Creations engraving tip

I get a lot of questions on the difference between the embossing tip and the engraving tip.  The main difference is that the engraving tip has a carbide pointy tip to it.  This allows the Chomas Creations engraving tip to engrave, or etch into different surfaces.  I used the Chomas Creations ENGRAVING tip on my regular Cricut mat, then used chalk to go over the surface and this is the look I got.  Notice how it kinda tears the paper, or etches into it.  It is uneven on this smooth white cardstock, but I liked the look I got!  You may need to click on the image to enlarge it to see the details!
Next I did the exact same design with the same paper using only the Chomas Creations EMBOSSING tip and a regular Cricut mat (I did not use the embossing mat for this just so I could see what it would do).  Notice that it stays smooth on the paper and gives a very small emboss, or even score into the paper.  Did you know I use this technique to score  my cards to make them easier to fold?  Again click on the image to see the difference.
So the big difference when chalking these papers is that with the Chomas Creations engraving tip it kinda etches into the paper, so that the blue chalk gets darker where it is etched.  And with the Chomas Creations embossing tip, it just presses, or scores into the paper leaving the lines white when chalked. 
I'm going to be doing more differences like this for you to see, as well as a video with the differences.
Of course I can't do all that work and not make a cute scrapbook page to go with it!  The chalking on this page reminded me of summery, watery pages, and with the weather we have been getting in Michigan, it cheered me up!  These are photos of my son testing out his aunt's awesome pool, all on his own (well with the help of a lot of floatation devices!)  The cute whale and title are from Create-a-Critter.  And of course no critter would be complete without googly eyes!
The journaling circle was done with the Chomas Creations mini gel pen holder and black metallic mini gel pen.  I have a tutorial on that here... journaling circles

And here is the finished page...

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Melissa said...

Oh Amy I love the look of this! Great tip on the chalk, I will have to try that!

Staying Crafty said...

This is absolutely adorable!