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Friday, December 23, 2011

What a difference a pen makes...

I'm here today to RAVE about the Uni-ball Signo white gel pen.  Not all white gel pens are the same, believe me, I have about 4 different kinds here and none of the others compare to this one!  Now when I started making samples with the new Chomas Creations adjustable holders, I did have one of these babies.  But my youngest son decided to "borrow" it, and lost it (oooh the horrors!) so I went back to some of my other white gel pens, but it just wasn't the same!  So I ordered 3 new Uni-ball Signo white gel pens, and I'm back in business and happier then ever!  And these babies don't skip!  Look how amazing the gel pen did on this navy blue cardstock for tags.  Keep in mind that these gel pens are bigger then normal sized gel pens but fit great in the Chomas Creations adjustable marker holders for the Cricut and Silhouette.  You can get the Studio file share for the tags here... tags
Also use the coupon code december10 at checkout in the Chomas Creations store to save 10% off your entire purchase!

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cricaholic said...

That is so PRETTY!!
Where do you order the pens from?

Amy Chomas said...

I just got them off ebay. You could google somewhere to find them though!