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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Family with Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder

I'm known for taking a lot of pictures so sometimes when I do scrapbook pages I have to make that the focus of my page (well I often do this lol!).  This page is no exception!  I find it easiest to line the pictures up, especially if they are all the same size like this page. 
I wanted to add my journaling right to the page on this so I drew some lines using Studio and the Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder with a Staedtler triplus fineliner.  I add all of my pictures to the page, add the page to the mat, add some lines in Studio, then just draw away!  You could also do the same with text, but I wanted to do some hand journaling!

I also used the Staedtler pen in the Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder to draw the title (this was a Studio download) and then used the offset function in Studio to cut a shadow around the title.  Because the pen was centered in the pen holder you could cut around it in shadow.  If you add a small pen to the adjustable marker holder you will still be able to draw with it, but it won't line up if you want to cut in shadow.  I have an example of this here... difference between pen and marker holders

Here are both pages together! I already had a bunch of these kraft colored circles laying around, so I just used the pen to draw around them by hand.

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