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Friday, February 08, 2008

More Jack funnies!!!
Tonight while eating dinner, Jack ran off on me. I called for him and he says "coming mama". Oooh I about cried it was so cute!
Then Ella saw something on tv she wanted, she is telling me and pointing to the tv. Next thing you know, Jack is pointing and saying "Mama I want that".
And of course there is the phrases heard often around our house such as "daddy stinks", "taylor mean", insert anyone's name that makes Jack mad.
Last night Jack had a fit while I was trying to help Ella make Valentine's for school. So I helped him make one. I let him stamp and such. Next thing you know he is ripping it apart, guess he didn't like it lol!
Ella's Valentine's did turn out quite nicely though! And she is currently munching on a big bag of candy from school! Unfortunately she didn't get to bring her treat to school as someone got into it and then there wasn't enough for everyone. Of course when asked, no one got into those said snacks. Apparently someone broke into my house, ate a few of the snacks, then walked out without taking anything else!


Robyn said...

Doncha hate when stuff disappears. We have elves at our house.

Jennifer said...

Your family is so cute! I love looking at new pics of them on SJ!

Broken Beth said...

Ha, if you lived closer you could blame me for eatting it.
Jack Is so cute making those cards.
Happy Valentines to the Chomas'es