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Monday, March 03, 2008

I could make this post about all the puking and runs that our family is dealing with here, but instead I'm going to post Jack's hair cut update!

I was liking how Jack's hair was laying flat being a bit longer, so I held out on a haircut, then all of the sudden he started looking scruffy, there was no more waiting! That hair of his has a mind of its own! So here are some before and after pics...

Funny little Jack story... We are at the haircut place and there are 3 people in front of us. Jack is not a patient boy. He was running around, getting into the shampoos and things, screaming when you tried to get him away from things. Jamie says, maybe we should just get his haircut another day. I'm determined, he has been good for both of his haircuts so far. I know the girls there aren't looking forward to him, he is acting crazy! But sure enough, he gets in that chair and sits there, doesn't move! He was just wanting it to be his turn!!!
Oh and the funny eye closed pictures? That is what Jack does when I tell him to smile and show him a big smile by me, I swear I don't close my eyes hehe!


Georgina said...

I'm so pleased you stuck with the hair story!! LOL

Carrie said...

I absolutely LOVE that eyes closed pic. I was beginning to wonder if that boy ever smiled.