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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tomorrow we are going camping! All 6 of us! Should be an interesting weekend! I'll have to update when I get back! One minor problem, Jamie was heading to our house with the camper and the brakes went out on the truck! So that had to be fixed, and the plans of getting most stuff packed tonight went out the window!

And yesterday the little blue pool went up! The kids were in it with me setting it up, I was trying to smooth out the bottom with my feet, they were running and falling down! Today Ella couldn't wait to get in it! She asked all morn, but I was trying to wait till it warmed up and the sun was over the pool. That didn't work, impatient little kids! Ella ran all around the pool having a great time! Jack was hesitant at first, I tried to show him he could touch the bottom but he wasn't going for it. So he got out and ran around the yard. Then he wanted back in and held onto the sides, never letting go! After lunch and naps I took the kids back in, and I went in with them. Jack started getting more daring... Walking around the pool holding onto the sides. Then walking and just holding my hand, and before you knew it, he was walking all around the pool! He did fall in once, and once again forgot he could touch, but I was arm's length away and grabbed him and stood him up! I pretended he did it on purpose, and told him yeeeeeah! Jack you went under water! He did good, I think there is a little fish around here! Sorry no pics, but I was in the water, please forgive me! That and I didn't trust Jack enough to be more then an arm's length away!


Patti H said...

well I was looking for the photos!

Teresa Loop said...

Awww, little dude!

Have a great time camping, and we expect to see pictures of that!!