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Thursday, September 25, 2008

A funny from this weekend...
My sis and her kids came to my moms and we decided to give my poor mommy a break and decided to take all the kids to the park, so me and Kris, with Jack, Ella, Cole, Aubrey and Addi. Gramma gave them popcycles before we left, it was a warm day, and neither of us moms remembered baby wipes (crazy eh?). I'm watching Jack's popcycle melt all over him and wondering what to do... when all of the sudden we come upon the perfect solution. Someone's house got TP'd! Perfect! I grab some TP to use to clean up Jack, Kris grabs some to clean up Addi, and we are standing there, then look at each other and start laughing at how very strange we must look! Gathering TP from someone's trees to clean up the kids! hehe
But even stranger was Aubrey grabbing a bunch and not sharing it with anyone and carrying it around all day. Silly girl! Now ask me why I got stuck with the bag full of TP in my house? And Ella is happy to have it!

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