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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So today is 1 full week of Jack being potty trained!!!
Here are some interesting things that happen in our house with the potty...

1. Each lil piece of poop that comes out needs its own wipe and flush. So there could be up to 5 flushes per poop.
2. Each of these pieces of poop must be examined for color and size and talked about.
3. Boys sitting on the pot can sometimes pee over the potty, that thing can shoot far. I tell Jack to aim down so he doesn't pee on his face. So now he always asks when he gets on, am I going to pee on my face, am I going to pee on mom's face?
4. You need a change of underwear almost everytime you go to the pot.
5. Shoes, pants and underwear need to be removed for each session.
6. I can do it myself, and I won't fall in are often yelled from the bathroom.
7. Pooping can only be done in mom's bathroom, so even if you pee in one pot, Jack must get up and make a trip to my bathroom to poop.
8. Because Jack gets stickers for going potty, he asks mom if she needs one after she does.
9. The bigger the audience in the bathroom the better.
10. There is way too much potty talk around our house...


Cheri Pryor said...

We always have potty talk...and I don't have toddlers anymore. lmao!!

Shayla said...

om, This is too funny! Congrats on week 1!!!