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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Christmas tree hunt that almost wasn't... Yes you heard that right! Who would have thought that the 23rd of November was too early to get a Christmas tree? That is the date that Thanksgiving is normally after, and the date we almost always get a tree. So Corey and Anna plan on coming up to go cut down a tree with us, we get to the place, drive back like we always do, and NO one is there. So we drive 20 minutes back to our place to see if google can show us to another place in the area. Find another and no one answers. We decide to try anyways, they are home and tell us that they don't open till Friday! But she was very nice and let us get a tree anyways, just told us they couldn't wrap them for us.
Here is Jack and Ella on the WAY to get the Christmas tree, yes before any tree hunting was done, they both fell asleep in the mini.

Here are all our tree hunters! Ella and Jack had a blast running through the trees! Cameron got to help cut down the tree, I would love to say he is getting better at it but he needs to work on his technique! Tay's highlight of the day? Dad let her drive the mini to pick us up! Me and Cam hid behind a tree acting out in terror, not very amusing to Tay! And the tree hunt was a success, Corey and Anna got a very nice one and headed back home! Ours is waiting out in the backyard, after all it is much too early to put a tree up!


Leslie said...

that is why I stick with my fake-y in a box!

Anonymous said...

It's cold enough for parkas and goofy hats? Wow! It's 69° here. I've got open-toed, slingbacks on!

How depressing. I'm moving north dagnabit!

Cheri Pryor said...

How fun!! I totally miss the smell of a fresh-cut tree...but I stress too much about it catching on fire when it dries out.

Maybe we'll go out and cut some branches for a garland or wreath. lol! Oh, wait...that would require me getting cold. Forget it.