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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Jamie is outside cleaning up the yard and I was going to send the kids out with him. So Jack is running around with his shoes, but no pants. And by the time I get his pants on, can't find the shoes. Look around for a good 30 minutes, all frustrated. I want to give up but if we go somewhere today he doesn't have shoes. So I keep asking Jack hoping something will click but he keeps doing that shoulder shrug adn the I don't know noise (where did he learn that anyways?) So then I tell Tay not to leave her socks in the foyer, she needs to put them in the dirty clothes, cause I'm just picking things up while looking. She tells me, I didn't put them there, they were in my boots. Then Jack says "oh yeah, my shoes are in Taylor's boots" Yes, he put them in there. Now why didn't I think to look for Jack's shoes in Tay's boots???

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