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Sunday, April 25, 2010

I think I may have a new obsession!! Heat transfer vinyl! I'm so glad I haven't done all of my kids' T-shirt shopping this year, because I want to do a bunch for them, as they are easy to do!!! The favorite so far I did for Ella, at school you are known as a bucket filler or a bucket dipper. Ella loves being a bucket filler, someone who is kind and giving to others (I found out later there is a book about this, going to have to get it for my house to show Jack hehe). She got to wear it to school and show her teachers and she was so proud!

For directions and to see another T I did for Ella, visit Custom Crops here... heat transfer vinyl T's You can also find the heat transfer vinyl on Custom Crop's site here, just scroll down to the Silhouette heat transfer, it is also available in flock! Which I will soon be getting to make even more T's, hehe! Silhouette Heat Transfer

And while I was at it, I had to do one for Jack as well! Of course he loves his to!


Melissa said...

Heat transfer vinyl? Okay...I need more information on how this is done! Video please! :-)

MinaAriel said...

I'm loving these! I went to custom crops but was a little confused as to how you did the sun with the two colors of vinyl. Can you explain?

Love crafts forever said...

It is so cool. Yes, video please.

Amy Chomas said...

Melissa, did you go to Custom Crops and see the directions there? I'm in the middle of a bathroom remodel so I don't think there will be videos for awhile lol! We are doing it ourselves.
MinaAriel, the design I picked had 2 layers. I put the first (white) layer down and ironed it on, then added the 2nd (yellow) layer on top of that and ironed that on.

MinaAriel said...

Thanks Amy!

Anonymous said...

Love these! How did you get your sons iron on vinyl to look distressed? I hope I'm explaining that right - LOL. Love that look for a boy. Thanks!

Amy Chomas said...

Tammy, that is the way the pattern looked, it is for the Silhouette, and you download cuts from their site, that is one I got there. Amy

Tam said...

cool! I got the freezer paper that people talked about on the board, but have only used it to wrap meat so far. LOL