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Sunday, May 09, 2010

A friend of mine recently had her 2nd baby boy and I wanted to send her a special card! I embossed the baby and special delivery on vellum using the embossing kit that is available for purchase on the right hand side of my blog.
I also used Create A Critter for "special delivery" and Stretch Your Imagination for the baby. I flipped the design in Design Studio as the "debossed" side shows up in white on the colored vellum! Very cool!
Click on the picture to see it even closer up!


Tam said...


Amy said...

That's adorable!

katschriber said...

i ordered my embossing kit on friday and i got it the next tuesday. (5 mins ago) wow, thank you so much. so glad it's rainy so i can 'play' with my new toy.

oh, we're neighbors. i live in caro. do you have a place of business or work out of your home?

Amy Chomas said...

Kat I saw that when I was shipping it! I have an aunt that lives on West Deckerville Rd!
We do all of our business out of our home. Keeps us busy! Amy

Kimberly said...

Your work is so awesome, I'm super jealous!!!

dinofuzz said...

amy got my embossing kit yester day and went to store and got some stuff to emboss. love it. you are a craft enabler.lol