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Friday, May 28, 2010

Q & A with Chomas Creations embossing/scoring kit

I've had a few people ask questions about the embossing kit, so I thought I would answer them here!

Do I need another one of your holders to hold the embossing tip?

No, the embossing tip fits into your Cricut machine where you would normally put the blade holder & needs no adaptor.

Why isn't the mat sticky?

We tried samples of mats with adhesive on them, but the embossing just didn't work as good on the adhesive mats, as when it was just using adhesive on the sides of your embossing surface. Embossing works better when the embossing surface has some give. And the other side of the mat isn't sticky because it will easily stick to any of your existing Cricut mats, this helped keep our costs down and we could send the savings on to you!

What about other sized tips for embossing?

We tried tons of different sized tips, and this size works the best. There was not enough difference in the outcome of the different sized tips to make more then one size.

Why can't I emboss on thick cardstock?

The Cricut machine just does not have the power to emboss on really thick cardstock. But as I have shown it does work on thinner, non textured cardstocks very well & does a fantastic job on metal sheets & vellum!

What is the embossing tip made of?

The embossing tip is made of light weight aluminum!

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Susan said...

I love your designs. Thank you so much for letting me visit.