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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

OUCH is right! After one of the 1st practices of the season, Cam got nailed in the eye with a pop fly!! I picked him up after it happened, and WOW was I in for a suprise! He told me he didn't cry, or whine or anything! Good boy! The coaches iced him up, and he was back in the practice shortly after.
For this one I embossed some of the Quickutz metal sheets with the embossing kit for the Cricut & the Robotz cartridge for the gears. OUCH was designed with Don Juan. The embossing kits are available for purchase on the right hand side of my blog and are in stock and shipping!


Kimberly said...

Poor guy. I really dread when my boy starts getting battle scars. Great LO!!

Betty said...

Well haven't you been busy!!!

Hope your DS is feeling better soon - I bet by now he is MULTICOLORED!