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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Birthday card with Chomas Creations micro Sharpie holder

It is my Gramp's 92nd birthday (WOW) so I made him this card!  It was actually quite simple.  I used the Birthday Bash cartridge for the title, and the card shape. 
 Black, blue, red, green, orange, purple, aqua and berry!!!  I used a pressure of minimum and multi-cut of 2 to get a nice look to the writing.
When cutting through clear cardstock I use multi-cut on 4, this gets it through all the way.

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Melissa said...

Fantastic as usual Amy!

Kaye said...

That is a really nice card. Your Sharpie holder is the best!

Debbi said...

Very cool! LOVE it! And Happy Birthday to your Grandfather.

Natalie said...

Very Cool! I didn't know they made clear cardstock. Love my sharpie holder, now to get more colors.

Cass said...

This is a cute, simple card and it made me think of my 92 year old GG Grandma! Thanks for the inspiration!