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Monday, November 28, 2011

New Chomas Creations adjustable holders in the Cricut Expression

I've had a lot of people ask if the new Chomas Creations adjustable holders work in the Cricut original, Create, Expression and Imagine and the answer is YES!  Of course you are going to have to find shorter pens, markers, even crayons or pencils, but they will work!  Here is one of the Crayola Pip Squeak Skinnies in the Expression.  They are a bit longer, so you will need to tighten the marker in the Chomas Creations adjustable marker holder, put the popcycle stick under where it will go into the blade holder, then tilt the marker a bit to get it under the lip of the Cricut and adjust the height of the marker so the tip is resting on the popcycle stick, this will give you the right height. 

When using the Pip Squeaks, because they are a bit longer then the Chomas Creations mini gel pens, your design will have to remain 2 inches to the right of the lip I've shown below, it is on the left hand side of the Expression machine.
And here is the finished card!  I used Christmas Cheer for the Merry Christmas sentiment and the card shape. 
I used the Chomas Creations embossing tip to score the fold in the card. 
I did use Design Studio to do this card.  By adding the embossing rectangle on one layer, and the actual card cut on another, you can easily score any card!  I have another tutorial on scoring a card with the Chomas Creations embossing tip here...  score tutorial

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cricaholic said...

LOL...you are such a GREAT ENABLER!!I'll have to go see if any stores in the area have these little markers, the thought of using crayons is a fantastic idea!!!TFS

Amy Chomas said...

Thanks! I got them at Target, and i've seen them at Michaels. They also have a 64 pack!

vicky said...

the design and writing style of marry Christmas card is awesome. this is really adorable

Plastic Card
Plastic Cards

Anonymous said...


Would you consider doing a video on how to use the adjustable marker holder in the Cricut Expression? I'm not really following the 2" lip thing, or how "tilting" the marker works.

Thanks so much. I love your holders!!!