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Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting crayon crafty!!

Here is another fun idea that gets rid of a lot of broken or unwanted crayons!  All of my 4 kiddies helped with this one!
I picked up a heart shaped silicone mold with 24 heart shaped holes for putting in crayons!
We took the wrappers off the crayons and broke them into small pieces.  I actually ended up with a paring knife and cutting board as it went faster and I could do smaller pieces.
We filled each heart shape in the silicone mold to the top with pretty colors. 
I preheated the oven to 275 then added the silicone containers with crayons in it to melt.  After around 18 minutes, the crayons were all melted, we didn't stir them as I wanted the colors to keep seperate. After they cooled, we popped them out of the silicone mold, and this is what we have to give to all the kids' friends at school for Valentine's Day!  How fun will these be to color with?

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