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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Review of the Chomas Creations adjustable pen & marker holder for the Cricut

I'm so excited for my friend Maria of Believe Dream Create with Maria to do a few things with the Chomas Creations adjustable pen and adjustable marker holders for the Cricut!  She always has these awesome ideas, and she is just so creative!  I'm so glad I got to meet her at CHA a couple of years ago, as she was one of my very first customers!  So here is a review in Maria's words.  Stop on by her blog and leave her a comment if you would like.  She will be back tomorrow with a project!

Hi this is Maria. I was really excited when Amy asked me to make some projects with the new Chomas Creations Adjustable Pen Holder's for the Cricut. I have been playing with Chomas Creations products from the very beginning and have always been a BIG fan! But....let me tell you, the day I tried these new holders I  had an excitement with my Cricut that I haven't had since when the Cricut debuted.

Today I thought I'd do a review of what I tried and tomorrow I'll show you the first project I made.

Here's a look at the two Adjustable Holders. They come with very good instructions for you to get started. I found the little popsicle stick absolutely necessary and a wonderful idea to get the pen positioned correctly. Don't throw it away.

I used Cricut Craft Room with my E2. I think the most exciting thing about these holders is that the possibilities are endless in your choice of pens between the two holders. The E2 has no height limits like the Expression so your choices are ENDLESS! I used the free basic Cricut Craft Room cartridge and just made a grouping of circles in a 6" x 6" section. I copied and pasted this into each of the 4 quadrants on the mat so that I could get a true test.

Here's a look at the first pen after I put it in the holder. The popsicle stick helps you get the point of the pen in the exact correct position for the machine. This is a look with the pen in full motion.

I tried 4 different pens on the first page. A colored pencil, Gelly Roll pen, Pitt Pen and a Micron. I had unbelievable results with all 4!

I was so excited about this that I decided to try 2 more types of pens. My favorite white pen--Signo Uniball and a regular old Papermate pen that was on my desk (isn't it pretty? my daughter decorates them with Duct Tape).

Again, perfect results!
I have to tell you, I actually gave myself a headache after I did this. I had SO many ideas buzzing in my head at one time! I am a huge collector of pens and pencils from my "artsy" side. This could be the product that brings my two worlds together!

I fell in love with the Signo Uniball and the black paper.....I think you might want to go order yourself a set now because when you see what I made (which I'll be showing you tomorrow) you will want them in your hands ASAP to play! See you then!

Amy here again!  Thanks soooo much Maria!  Can't wait to see what you have in store for us tomorrow!

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Megn said...

Might just be me. But seems you have a problem with the pictures not showing up. Thought I would let you know. ;)

Amy Chomas said...

Thank you! I fixed it, hope it is working now!

Rebecca said...

I am so in love with these adjustable holders too! I stand in the pen/marker isle at the craft store and my head buzzes as well! I am excited to see what projects you come up with, Maria.

Elisa said...

I'm so getting the holders. I just got my E2 and I collect all type of pens, markers, Sharpe ect. Now ill have even more fun getting back to my craft...