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Sunday, February 05, 2012

You crack me up with Chomas Creations adjustable marker holder

One thing is for sure about my youngest, Jack, he is a crack up!  But that leads to one problem, if you want a serious picture of him, it is near impossible to get!  So I work with what I have.
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Well this is my first file share for Cricut Craft Room (CCR), so I sure hope it works!  You can download the file using George & Birthday Bash here... crack me up
The graph background was done using the Chomas Creations adjustable marker holder for the Cricut with a metallic silver Sharpie marker in CCR using George.  I just love graph looking paper on my layouts and cards!

The red squares were embossed on metal sheets using the Chomas Creations embossing kit for the Cricut using CCR & George.  By adding my metal sheet colored side down, I was able to emboss on the metal sheet, then sand off the raised image for this look.

The title was done using CCR & Birthday Bash.

Here is the finished layout along with my crack up!  Now notice the black border around the whole page.  Before I add it to the page, I cut the inside of the sheet of paper out (my frugal tip for the day!) and then I can use that paper to cut the title or anything else I may need, and it matches perfect!  I do this behind large areas that will be covered up.

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