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Friday, August 30, 2013

The biggest difference between the adjustable pen and adjustable marker holder...

I get asked this question A LOT!  The biggest difference between the Chomas Creations adjustable pen and adjustable marker holder is of course the size.  The adjustable pen holder is 3/8 inch in diameter and the adjustable marker holder is 1/2 inch diameter.  But what does this mean when using gel pens in the adjustable marker holder?  Well you are going to get what they call an offset (meaning the gel pen is NOT centered in the holder).  Now this means that if you want to draw an image, when you go to cut it it isn't going to be centered when you try to cut your shadow.  The adjustable pen holder is very close to center with most gel pens (Chomas Creations mini gel pens, Sakura, Gelly Roll, and more).  So when you go to cut your shadow with these gel pens, it is going to line up right for you.  If you go to put these same sized gel pens into the adjustable marker holder, you will notice you have to tighten the screw quite a bit, making it even further off center. 
Here is a card I made using the Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder for the Cricut with a Chomas Creations black mini gel pen (if you own the Expression 2, you can use any length gel pen!)  Notice how the shadow cut around the design very nicely!  If you want to try to make this card with Once Upon A Princess in Cricut Craft Room, I have the file here... birthday party
Oh and notice how far my cupcake pops off the page?  That is an Action Wobble Spring!  How neat is that?  I'm going to make my cards more fun with these hehe! 

Want to try drawing with your Silhouette machine??  Use the code august13 to save 10% off your purchase in the Chomas Creations store to get you started

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1 comment:

Susan in Devon said...

Great card and love the action wobble spring. Thanks for sharing. xx