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Friday, August 16, 2013

Chalkboard look with Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder

Ok I do have plans with this project, but I was so excited how these Soufflle gel pens by Sakura show up on the black cardstock and kind of gave that chalkboard feel, that I had to just share!  That and this fun blog called I should be mopping the floor (shouldn't we all?  lol) shared these awesome fonts that would be fun to draw, and even engrave, she calls them chalkboard fonts.  There is a long list (25!) of these chalkboard fonts here... I should be mopping the floor
Here are just 3 of the fonts I chose to try out.  I used the Souffle gel pens in the Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder in the Cameo to draw these.  This is just normal black cardstock.  Because these gel pens are very juicy, I do slow my speed down to about 3-4 to do this.  And they do take a couple of minutes to dry, so let the project sit on the mat until dry so as not to smear (live and learn!)

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Ruby said...

This looks awesome! Is there a tutorial about filling the letter? thank you!

Nana said...

Have a creative day.
Hugs Nana
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Four11Lady said...

Thanks for sharing...this is great!

Amy Chomas said...

Emma, there is no filling going on here. These are just the fonts I linked to above. Simply type in what you want to draw, and these fonts come out like this!

Anonymous said...

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Jacob Hoaglund said...

Very creative! Thanks for sharing.

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Jane Shellmam said...

I received my etching tool yesterday and I tried all I could to place it where the scoring pen normally goes the far left side and it's to loose it won't fit with the plastic casing in and without it is way to small :'-( please help!