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Monday, January 26, 2015

Magnet board with Chomas Creations adjustable marker holder

Well wouldn't you know it?  I made magnet boards for all of my nieces and totally forgot to take pictures of them!  I had to wait till after Christmas to post this so they wouldn't see their gifts, and then I totally forgot, and they are all handed out now (and they love them!)  I do still have my daughter's magnet board to share though.  And I added a special treat to the back of it!  Some chalk paint!
I did use Make-the-Cut to do these metal boards as it has an option for single line fonts and I wanted that with the Sharpie oil markers.  I used one in the Chomas Creations adjustable marker holder to draw Ella's name and the scrolls.  Both are from Lettering Delights thin fonts.  The name is Swirls and the flourish is dainty swirls.  I used a speed of 1 and a thickness of 1 to draw with the Sharpie marker.  I did tape my metal board to my Silhouette mat with painters tape.
Here is the front done!  The buttons are from My Friendship Bracelet maker, they are the My Image Button Maker.  I had my kids help with that part!
Here is Ella's name close up!  I love the oil based Sharpies for this as they stay on the metal!  I'm sure you could use dry erase markers on these boards for kids as well!  I just made this side to hang things on.
I also made a board for my son Jack.  His was big enough to fit under the rollers in the Silhouette so I didn't bother adding it to a mat, I just put it in the machine and wrote on it!  Again I used the Chomas Creations adjustable marker holder with a black oil based Sharpie.
Here is Jack's board all done!  More chalk board paint and more magnets!  Jack's is in a frame as the edges were sharp.  Boys and sharp don't mix! 
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Cindy said...

Hi Amy,
These magnet boards look great! Where did you get the boards? I'd really like to try this.

Amy Chomas said...

Cindy I got the scallop one from pick your plum. They have deals on them sometimes. I've also seen them at Joanns.

Megan said...

what a great idea!