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Monday, January 02, 2017

Painted Burlap Canvas

Lucky me I got to get crafty with my daughter tonight!
I'm sitting here and I'm thinking, how in the world am I going to make a cute template in the software easily, and then I had this genius idea...  WORDSWAG!  It is an app where you type in your inspirational quote (I like to search google for inspirational quotes), or whatever you would like, and pick a style and it comes up with something like this...

I chose a white background and black font to make them stand out.  I then opened these in the Silhouette software and traced them.  Super duper easy!
Then I cut the template out of vinyl and added it to the burlap canvas and we painted away!  It was better to use the daubers and sponge them up and down and not move side to side.

This is the finished product, and my sister had given my daughter these super cute flowers for her birthday!  We did find the bigger letters seemed to work better because of the thick texture of the burlap.  I'm sure on a smooth surface the smaller letters would have been fine.

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