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Saturday, October 21, 2006

My little angel!!!
First off, thanks to Jen for helping me out with this!!! I took the super cute picture of Jack as part of his 5 month shoot, she added the wings and crooked halo, hehe! I need this printed really big, somewhere, gotta figure out where before I order, even though I am super excited to do it!!!!

I took the kids outside for awhile yesterday, cold or not Jack was fussing and we were in all day. I'm working on getting Jack to fall asleep on his own, he cries, I feel bad, it sucks. But he is doing way better then Ella at it, he only made it to the 15 minute mark. I go in after 5 minutes, calm him down, then after 10 minutes, calm him down, and then after 15, went in, calmed him down, walked out, he was out!!! Ella could go an hour like this, in hysterics, broke my heart! I know it will work in the long run and it has to be done. Besides, he can cry in his crib, or cry on my lap cause he is tired, so guess it is less stressful for both of us.
Oh back to going outside... there is ivy on our brick wall in the back, and it is changing color, way too pretty to not have pics in front of. Even if Ella won't cooperate, the stinker!!! Look at the look she gives me when I have the camera out and I'm talking to her, soooo sassy. I did get a cute one later that day after some leaf crunching. Oh and everyone was in better spirits after our 20 minutes outside!

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