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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Our Halloween day!!!
It was so busy! First I took Ella to her school and they had a Halloween party, they were all so cute passing out treats to each other, and wanting to tear into them. We got to play toys, sing songs and they did a Halloween parade! Home for a nap for Ella and Jack then off to the mall for some trick or treating, which is so nice and warm! The kids got a lot of candy, more then I thought they would there! Then home for a quick dinner, then out from 6 till 7:30 for more trick or treating, it was sooo cold out though! Jack screamed for the first part of the trip, but then crashed in the stroller. Ella walked up to a few houses but then chose to sit in the wagon and munch on candy over doing more trick or treating, fine by us, easier that way! Taylor and Cam ran ahead so they could hit more houses, old people are slow you know!!!
Here's Cam's costume, it took close to 3 hours and 3 stores but we found him Darth Vader! Tay's nanny made her the belly dancing costume, of course she had to bundle up and there is no way I would let her show off belly anyways, such a strict mom I know!!!
Pictures will be posted soon,not working tonight!

1 comment:

Jennison said...

Nice story... but I need PICTURE books still! :) C'mon, show the costumes already would ya! :)