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Monday, June 05, 2006

Hard to believe that 4 weeks ago today Jack was born. Time sure does fly. Jack still enjoys sleeping a LOT, eating around 4 ounces anywhere from every 2 to 4 hours, mostly 2 hours during the day and 4 hours at night, and he sure does poop a lot, in fact every time he eats. He is starting to stay awake more through the day and even started smiling when you talk to him, and has cooed a bit at me. I swear he is the best baby, only crying when he is hungry or needs to get a burp out, and after he is content for hours. I've been giving him tummy time lately and he sure does try hard to lift that head up, but usually ends up just chewing on his arm and wiggling.
Today Ella was watching him stretch and stretching with him, then she would reach up to the sky and go "stretch", she is so cute! A few minutes later she laid her baby on her belly and pulled the baby's arms out and told her baby to stretch. What a good little mommy! I've found she has been imitating what I do with Jack with her babies a lot lately, like wrapping them in blankets, putting them over her shoulder and giving them their babas. She amazes me every day with the things she picks up, the things she says and does. Of course we still need to work on that temper, and even though she still screams a LOT, when I talk to her about it she seems to stop.
Cameron has a new buddy!!! He lives a street over and Cam heads over there almost every day, something I have wanted for him for a long time! They play baseball and swim together, outside stuff, wooohoo!! Of course last night they did put in a little video game time, but that was after a long day outside.
Jordan came over to hang out with Tay yesterday for a few hours and brought freshly picked strawberries!!! The girls hung out with Ella and played basketball, I just love how good Tay is to her little sister. Ella sure does love Taylor and always wants to be with her, and she sure doesn't like when Tay shuts the door to her room!

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