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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Jack got to meet Loralei today!! I can't believe the size difference, but of course Jack weighs more then twice as much as her! Funny thing is there is only a 3 week difference in age!! Give the little munchkin time, I do believe she will catch up!
Loralei is so petite, when you hold her it feels like there is barely nothing there, she doesn't fill up your lap like Jack does! Even her features are so tiny and sweet! I got to feed her, she takes her time and doesn't guzzle, so gentle.
And Jamie was warned by Jeff to keep his little boy away from his little girl! Watch out for big daddy!


Beth said...

Amy you need to put him in the outfit I sent him on the 24th so I can get pics! SUCH a cutie!

Beth said...

OMG that baby is ITTY BITTY!

Greta said...

She is so teeny tiny...how sweet ...I wish my 2 were that small again...

found you through SJ...

Jack is precious