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Friday, June 30, 2006

What a night!!! Jack went to bed in his bed around 10:30, and I freaked out when Jamie kissed me goodbye at 6:20!!! Jack slept through the night, I hope this continues cause I woke up and got out of bed with no problems! After his bottle I took a shower, got some laundry done and had a few minutes of me time, saweeet!
Jamie put together some of the fort yesterday and we couldn't get Ella off of it! She had a blast climbing up the slide, and even more fun going down. Was soo funny, she look terrified, the look on her face going down, tilting back, and flying off the slide onto the ground, only to get up, laugh, and do it again! I had to get the video camera out to remember that. What a crack up!
Ella is so in love with her new car. Had to get her one cause she loved Jase and Aubrey's cars so much. She plays with it all the time, it is still in the house because she can't get enough of it. My fav is when she puts gas in her car, little toys that fit perfect in the gas tank, daddy taught her this. Oh and Ella always lets you know that daddy built her car.
Tay and Cam are still on vacation, I miss them so much. It is so quiet around here without them and I can't wait till they come back to me!

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