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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Can anyone believe that Jack is 2 months old already??? He is such a happy baby, it is so easy to get him to smile!! Just a little time talking to him and he is grinning and sometimes even giggling! Next week we are headed in for his 2 month check up, wonder how much the little chub weighs??
Tomorrow the whole family is heading to Auntie Kristies and Gramma's house! Aunt Leela is in town! She hasn't seen Ella since I was pregnant with her! Wednesday we will be swimming at Auntie Kristie's house and having a BBQ. Thursday we are working on our annual pictures of all the grandkids. Gwen is meeting with us and heading to Kris's for some swimming, then we have to head to Coreys for the night. Friday I have to do pics for Mic's business, then friday night we get to see a Tiger game, I've never seen one before so I'm all excited about that! Maybe Saturday we can relax and visit!


Beth said...

I told James we have to have a baby that looks like Jack

Jennison said...

Amy! He's so beautiful. Count me among the ones that can't believe he's already two months old! Enjoy every fleeting moment of his life, it goes too fast.