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Monday, October 27, 2008

Before Halloween gets here I should update on my October 12th weekend! Another busy one! We went to my moms and on Sunday morn headed to Cole's football game with his very own cheerleader Aubrey! Even though the other team tried hard to tie up the game, Cole's team won!

After that we did a family trip to the cider mill! I will have to say that generally a mid October trip to the cider mill is in the cold fall weather, but on this day it was over 80 degrees and sunny! The kids wanted to go for a swim in the river but had to settle with dipping their tootsies in! Then we go for a nice long hike along the river, trying to chase Jack on that trail was a little nerve racking as some spots go awful close to that river! But we did manage to get the kids to sit for one pic! Oh and did I forget to mention how GOOD that cider and doughnuts was? yummmmmy!
Apparently all of that running on the trails whoooped Addi right out!

Now let me take this opportunity to also add how much Jack LOVES getting his picture taken with me!


Fink said...

Just dropping by from CX! Cute photos!

Shayla said...

sounds like a fun day! These are the cutest pics!

Cheri Pryor said...

What a stinker!! Looks like a fabulous fun day....and where are those *other* children? lol!!

Leslie said...

mmm cider and donuts! sounds like a wonderful afternoon! great pics.

Cassandra said...

Great pics Amy!

Mo said...

You got some really awesome photos, Amy!!!!